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The Centaur is part of our history, at least in stories. They are first mentioned in 552 BC, the last instance is in 443BC.

Of Greek origin, they were known to have a range of temperiment, just we have good or bad in our species. They tended to follow the God of wine, Dionysus. Hence a reputation of getting rowdy when drunk.

Graham down.jpg

Centaurs and female Centaurides can come in many breeds and a wide veriation of colour.

As an author, I can visualise my characters, but software like Daz 3d can bring them to life.

Age range, I have set my Centaurs to have a 250-300 lifespan.

In my series, Epona gave some supernatural species a safe dimension to reside in, the Centaur race picked Centaur Prime as home. The Unicorns and Pegasus races took up the offer as did many shape shifters.

Epona formed, CARMA, to retrieve magical artifacts. Verious agents are dispatched to investigate or recove

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