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It's not easy being half horse. Centaurs are long gone from our world, their hoof steps leave behind echos. Those words still resonate, within the tales of Chiron. Those stories  relate of Thrace, and Ancient Greece. Mount Pelion where Chiron had his cave, and Malean peninsula, Larconia.  Others ranged in the Foloi forest, Ellis. Others in Ancient Mangnesia,  Anotolia.

The Romans also embraced them, weaving the tales of Centaurs into their history.

As a species they are often portrayed as fierce, wild, uncouth. Yet humans often depict sentient species as animals.

Once you get to know them, they are perfectly reasonable. I get to know a number of them later in the series.

Enjoy my story, maybe it's not the Epona authorised edition. Yet I enjoy relating the conversion from human to a Sheffield City Centaur.

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