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Live life to the full.

My sister had always followed that advice, both in her career and in life. Her love of horses led not only an interest in racing thoroughbreds', too being a follower of both Epona and Athena.

Her drive and enthusiasm only tempered by her willingness to help others. Be that as a serving officer in South Yorkshire police, or later in the ranks of the Territorial Support Group. Later in Security rolls, or even as a traffic crossing lady near her local school.

She followed my stories with interest, yet when she contracted cancer, the race was on to get the third book for her to read. I printed a special edition, one of only three copies of Hooved Assassin. Last Facebook post was, "See you on the other side."

With that in mind, I dedicated Hooved Assassin to her. Promising to create her as a police centauride in the fourth book, "A little dog laughed." You see, every print book in the UK, a copy has to go to the British Library archive, and five copies to the Scottish book depository. A sort of immortality.

R.I.P Janine Franks 01/09/67-18/08/21

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